POMBLEND APP interactS with BTC, eth, BNB, matic, FTM, avax, CRO, PLS & dc


Bridge your assets with completely anonymous cross-chain transactions

anonymous transactions

Send tokens from your selected chain, receive in the chain of your choice, and still remain anonymous.

Don't do it from CEX anymore.

anonymous bridge

$PBL holders can bridge from and to BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, AVAX, CRO, PLS & DC.

Improve your crypto security.

Staking pools

Start farming with your $PBL from day 1

PomBlend offers different farming pools which is perfect for the investor who enjoys earning passive income and would like to grow alongside PomBlend.

start paying with crypto wherever Virtual Prepaid VISA® is accepted

Get your Anonymous Crypto Debit Card today with PBL.

Buy visa cardas with the lowest fees in whole crypto market.


Integration of the Anonymous Bridge and Visa Cards in third-party projects.

A collaboration that allows other projects to use PomBlend's utilities as their own. Fees that comes from the collaborations will be used for $PBL buybacks.

How to use it

1. Deposit

Complete the form above and click "next". Confirm the transaction to deposit funds into the PomBlend Anonymous App.

2. Wait

To improve your privacy, we recommend using a higher timer delay of up to 24 hours from the "Advanced Options" tab.

3. Delivery

Your assets will arrive in the wallet of the selected recipient blockchain as the native tokens.

4. Enjoy

Congratulations! You have bridged and blended your tokens, you will remain safe and anonymous.

Token Economics
total supply: 100,000,000 $PBL
Use 0% slippage on buy transactions
Use 5% slippage on sell transactions

1% Bridge Liquidity

1% Staking

1% Development

1,5% Marketing

PomBlend Roadmap

Phase 1

- Development of Bridge.
- Listing on Pomploy.
- Anonymous Bridge launch on BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, FTM, AVAX, CRO, PLS & DC.
- Anonymous Bridge integration with POM token after $PBL is live
- Launch of $PBL Staking Pools.
- Coingecko listing.
- CoinMarketcap listing.

Phase 2

- New Anonymous Bridge Blockchains.
- New Farming Pools.
- PomBlend token expansion to other Blockchain.
- PomBlend token bridge.

Phase 3

- Referral system integration.
- Bridge app expansion (v2).

POMBLEND frequently asked questions


Where can I buy $POM
You can buy $POM on https://mexc.com/
How to add Proof of Memes Network to Metamask?
Network name: Proof of memes mainnet
RPC url: https://node5.growup.network/[email protected]
Chain ID: 18159
Symbol: POM
Explorer: explorer.memescan.io
Where can I buy $PBL
You can buy $PBL on pomswap.org, use minimum 5% slippage on the transaction.
How much $PBL do I need to use the Bridge App?
You need to hold a minimum of 69$ usd worth of $PBL tokens in order to use the Bridge App.
How much $PBL do I need to use the Bridge App?
You need to hold a minimum of 69$ usd worth of $PBL tokens in order to use the Bridge App.
When will I be able to bridge $POM
This option will be available after $PBL is live.
When will be the Staking Pools live? Will I get POM as a reward?
Right after $PBL is live you will be able to stake your tokens to get $POM as reward.
When can I buy Prepaid Visa Cards with $POM?
To use this feature you must hold a minimum of 69$ PBL. This feature is live!

Join the Revolution of Anonymous Transactions with PBL

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I hereby declare that:

The assets I am bridging are not from any criminal or illegal sources/activities. In the event that they are found to be in question, I would accept the consequences of having the assets frozen and my information forwarded to the authorities in charge.

I am not from the United States, Iran, North Korea, Belarus, Russia, and I am not prohibited by law to use the service